Songkick, Lead UI Designer

April 2013–December 2016

During my time at Songkick, I worked across multiple agile product teams designing clean, usable user facing products, whilst continuing to shape the visual identity of the brand.

From working closely with the UX teams, designing from simple wireframes and conducting user research, to pairing with developers to make sure my designs ended up on production as intended, this was a process which streamlined our product building. As well as working on, we as a company built out many other products as the company began to grow. An entirely new ticketing UI had to be built from scratch, both iPhone and Android apps were worked on and given a new design aesthetic and in-house admin tools were rebuilt. More recently, we have worked with artists and managers directly, building a registration application and designing emails which adhere to the artists’ latest brand image, most notably Adele’s 2016 World Tour.

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Songkick Tickets UI

When Songkick Tickets initially launched, it was the result of a prototype that the company thought was good enough to use. We ended up building features on top of that until a time came for us to rebuild the platform. We introduced a new design, a new mobile experience and an improved reserved seating flow.

Songkick Tickets
General admission event, ticket selection page (View example)
Songkick Tickets
Action sheet mobile view
Songkick Tickets
Action sheet alternate mobile view
Songkick Tickets
Reserved seating event, with action sheet visible

Songkick Email Design

Songkick sends out personalised emails every single day, notifying users of new concerts announced by the artists they track. Over the years we treated our emails as one of the key user journeys into our purchase path. I took control over how these looked, conducted user research as well as hand coded the html so each email looked great within all email clients. Here are a few examples:

Songkick Digest Email
Daily digest email template, handcrafted to work in all email clients (View example template)
Songkick Email design
Email event block example
Songkick Email design
Email festival block example

iOS app

Back in 2013, the Songkick iOS app was given a massive design overhaul. Today, the app has many of the same features as the web application; the ability to buy tickets from you mobile device, scan you music library, track events and receive push notifications for when your favourite artists announce a new show. Over the past few years, we've been contantly improving the UI of the Songkick app, making its elements and pages more visually appealing as we go.

Songkick iOS App
Songkick Concerts iOS app, buy tickets in the app
Songkick iOS app
Onboarding; scanning your music library
Songkick iOS app
Personalised concert listings
Songkick iOS app
Buying tickets straight from the app
Songkick iOS app
Event page within the app

The majority of my work at Songkick was focussed on the web application; improving the overall visual design, experimenting with new components that would increase user acquisition, adding new features and assisting general product maintenance. There's a lot I did whilst working at Songkick, these are just a selection of page designs and components.

Songkick event page
Songkick event page, with ticket options (View example)
Songkick artist page
Songkick artist page, with presale ticket options (View example)
Songkick - Geolocated data
Geolocated concert data component

Fan Registration app

A data capture appplication which is used to capture fan data ahead of an artist presale. Styled using assets provided, this simple 3 screen application is a clean, mobile optimised form which is fully customisable to the clients needs. A lot of product discovery work went into building this, including working with multiple management companies to make them aware of how we can use data collected to sell more tickets to fans.

Songkick - Fan Registration App
1. Join...
Songkick - Fan Registration App
2. Confirm...
Songkick - Fan Registration App
3. Success!
Songkick - Fan Registration App
Example of the fan app, styled using artist assets