With over 2 million active users, Songkick informs users of newly announced concerts via its mobile applications and email notifications. Track your favourite artists, and never miss them live.
Songkick — iOS App

Lead UI Designer
April 2013 — December 2016

At Songkick I had an active role within the product team, producing pixel perfect designs that reflect work done by the UX team before working with developers to ensure such designs are consistent across all mediums once implemented.

Key responsibilities:

  • Working closely with UX, Dev, QA and PM teams in an agile environment.
  • Developing and maintaining the Songkick style guide
  • Producing pixel perfect designs and assisting in the development
  • Creating HTML email templates for all product emails
  • Assisting in user research sessions, both in-house and remote
  • Maintaining the visual design of all products within Songkick's ecosystem
  • Visual design work for both iOS and Android applications
Songkick Tickets UX — Mobile design

Songkick Ticketing
Songkick's MVP ticketing platform began as a working protoype, selling a low volume of tickets to small concerts across London. As supply rapidly increased, so did the demand; we'd gone from selling tickets to shows at XOYO to Brixton Academy in a matter of months, as well as being able to sell tickets to reserved seating events.

We needed to build a stable ticketing platform that would serve our customers easily and efficiently in a relatively short time frame. This project had to be completed whilst the company continued to process transactions on its current ticketing platform.

Our solution...
Our team delivered a new mobile first design, focussed primarily on allowing users to purchase tickets fast, whether walking to work, or sat at home. I worked closely with a UX designer, problem solving solutions, assisting in user testing and concepting ideas on how certain elements would function.

I also assisted in implementing the new design, coding a lot of the frontend UI elements, testing the design across multiple devices all whilst the backend architecture was built.

Songkick Tickets — Desktop & Mobile UI

With this being a web application, and primary focus for mobile users, we wanted to keep the experience consistent with our native mobile applications - where this feature was already available.

Songkick Daily Digest Email

Songkick Email design
Aside from notifications on mobile devices, Songkick informs users of newly announced shows via email. Daily compiled emails are sent out featuring shows announced within the last 24 hours for artists being tracked on the Songkick platform. Not just that, we would also send out an email to notify users when tickets are on sale so they don't miss out on seeing their favourite artists.

With the majority of Songkick users relying on these emails, it was essential that they were built with support for every device size possible. I spent a long time building and testing the HTML on various mail clients and mobile devices, ensuring that users would get a clean, digestable email in their daily inbox.

As well as a daily digest email, I also worked on a variety of other templates across the Songkick ecosystem.

Artist specific emails, un-branded and branded.

More examples of work coming soon...