Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)

Yesterday we climbed Snowdon - the highest mountain in Wales with an elevation of 3,560 ft.

Route: Up the Pyg, and down the Miners
Start/End Point: Pen-y-Pass
Time elapsed: 4hrs 23mins
Ascent: 2,296 ft.

Having never attempted anything like this before, I was a little nervous about I'd get on. However, climbing Cnicht 48 hours earlier put my mind at ease. The Pyg track is the shortest route up Snowdon (there are so many guides it's hard to know what to believe, so I could be wrong), which isn't why we chose the route; we wanted one that was more of a challenge and not one of the popular routes to the summit.

We pre-booked a spot in the car park at Pen-y-Pass, which is mandatory if you wish park here and go up/down either the Pyg or Miners tracks. We began our accent around 9am, as light rain started to fall.

Find out more about pre-booking the car part at Pen-y-Pass

Climbing Snowdon
Climbing Snowdon

The pathway up is very easy to follow, especially the the first 3km, so you shouldn't have any issues losing the route - even in poor weather. Once you get a little higher, and before the path merges with the other routes, it does start to become quite tricky so take your time, and be sure that where you're standing is steady under foot.

As we approached the summit, the weather took a turn and the wind began to pick up, making the waterfproof jacket and wooly hat very welcome additions to the daybag. We did pass a number of people who weren't that well equipped, which was quite surprising to see. Good footware is essential for this kind of activity, not trainers.

Whilst researching different routes to the summit, we also read a lot about what to take with you - most of which I found to be unnecessary. Of course, climbing a mountain should be taken seriously, but there's also a bit of common sense needed. People walk there dogs up there! We also passed parents taking their young children to the summit, so if you do get into some difficulty there's a high chance someone nearby will be able to help you out. Plenty of water, some sugary sweets and a some carbs will do you fine. Just make sure you have a good breakfast.

Miners Track - Snowdon
Part of the Miners Track, taken on the accent
The Summit
The Summit