It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Between now and the end of the year is my favourite time of year. The leaves begin to turn, it’s acceptable to wear a jumper, coats make a welcome return to my daily look, the nights begin to draw in, the football season is well under way and you don’t need to worry about sun cream. The last few weeks have been pretty busy. I decided to quit my job – it wasn’t really for me. A good friend of mine got married in Lancaster, which we travelled back to the UK for. That was fun! He also asked me to photograph it for him too, which was scary. I’ve never really considered wedding photography before as I’d be too nervous about missing all the important shots. I’ve tried to up my fitness training somewhat, as Emma and I both entered The Great Berlin 10k this October. I’ve been working on content for ForfarFive, a football related photography project that I aim to work on in my spare time.

Aside from all of the above, I have been spending time listening to a fair amount of new records. After a slow summer, there seems to have been a sudden drop of really, I mean really, good albums. A while back I mentioned The War On Drugs had released an excellent single ‘Thinking of a Place’, well, the new album is finally out and it’s one of the best I’ve heard all year. A Deeper Understanding is the fourth release from Adam Granduciel’s band, and one that I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Mogwai released Every Country’s Sun, another band where I feel biased towards everything they release. Neil Young‘s new/old album, Hitchhiker is very good. Recorded over one night back in 1976, these stripped back songs were re-worked and eventually released on subsequent Neil Young albums. However, these initial 10 songs were never released in this raw, acoustic state. Definitely worth a listen.

I need to give LCD Soundsystem‘s American Dream more attention. Passed me by on the first few listens. Sleep Well Beast by The National is very good. As to is Isotach by Matthew Bourne. Another newbie that I’ve enjoyed is Wireless World by Newcastle band, Warm Digits.

Surely you can’t spend all your time listening to new stuff? No, you’re right. I do give time to albums that have been part of my collection for years. Remember the random album generator, that I mentioned in a previous post? Well, we’re still using this to decide on what to play. Over the last month or so, we’ve had the following on:

  • The Album Leaf – One Day I’ll Be On Time
  • Peter Matthew Bauer – Liberation!
  • The Decemberists – Picaresque
  • Destroyer – Poison Season
  • Badly Drawn Boy – About A Boy
  • David Bowie – Let’s Dance

There has been a lot more than this over the course of 2 months, but these were just a few stand-out listens. It’s a fun way to select what you listen to, you should give it a try. Go on… R-42!

What have I been watching? We ploughed through Child Genius on 4oD, where 12 year old Rahul was crowned the winner. Although, the entire programme annoyed me. Especially Rahul’s father.

Just started House Of Cards. Better late than never. GBBO is back! Big fan of Noel Fielding’s shirts.
I’ve also been enjoying Lego Masters.

That’s about all I have for now.
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