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Based in Berlin, Horizn Studios produce a wide range of travel products from suitcases, backpacks and weekend bags. With a customer base spanning across Europe, the online experience is a key driver to their success.
Horizn Studios

Senior UI/UX Designer
December 2018—Present

As Senior UI/UX Designer, I was responsible for all aspects of the website. From shaping the visual design, analyising user behaviour to prototyping new feature ideas. A demanding role where results were based on overall sales numbers at key times of the year. This was an ongoing process which enabled us to learn how to build an application that suited the needs of our customers.

Notable tasks:

  • Improving the homepage UX strategy
  • Reduce friction within the purchase flow
  • Restructure visual design guidlines
  • Prototying concepts for new components
  • Ongoing competitor analysis
  • Increase customer engagement
Homepage UX strategy concept

Homepage UX Strategy
One key area of improvment which required attention was our homepage. Prior to a redesign, it was merely a showcase for collaborations and product launches. User engagment was minimal and the clickthrough to key product pages were low.

I created a basic concept to improve the overall strategy of the homepage. It needed to have a purpose, to tell a story about our products and drive users to key areas of our site.

This stragey is still in place, with content only changing during seasonal campaigns and new product launches. Visit the website

Product Detail Page

Product Detail Page optimisation
With traffic to these pages coming from a variety of sources, optimisation on these pages would often occur. Whilst trying to understand more about user behavior, we would also have a strong focus on what information helps a user during the decision making process.

Over time, the look and feel of these pages has changed a lot. The information architecture is has been re-worked to coinside with the increase in product options available, behavioural changes to the gallery were made to help with page load time speed and as well as encouraging users to discover more about a product with a change to the scrolling pattern, from horizontal to vertical.

Mobile UX improvments

Mobile UX
The percentage of mobile visitors started to outnumber those using desktop, so as a product team we decided to assess our mobile experience, and prioritise improvements to key user journeys and component functionality, based on evidence seen whilst watching user recordings on HotJar.

This included:

  • Homepage hero design
  • Navigation arcitecture
  • Product tile IA
  • Overall visual design assesment
Horizn ID — Product customisation tool

Horizn ID — Product customisation tool
During 2019, I spent some time designing a customisation tool that would allow users to change the colour of specific elements of a suitcase. With this being a new feature, we as a team had to design and build this experience from the ground up, whilst maintaining a seamless user journey from within the current application.

After an initial round of research — which resulted in finding a lot of mainstream brands offering a similar tool for trainers, we started work on prototyping our own solution. We wanted this to be an intuitive process, something which can be completed in a matter of minutes.

User journey from collection page to product customiser

The diagram above is a small segment, highlighting the journey from a collection page, into the customiser itself, whilst considering products that aren't ineligible for customisation.

With scope to add additional levels of customisation in the future, our solution needed to have the ability to scale as and when we needed it to. For example, how simple is it to remove the option to change the handle colour? Can we add more colours easily? Could we offer this to more products in the future, like the Check-In sized luggage?

One feature of the tool allows a user to add a monogram to the luggage tag — something we offered prior to this being released. We also had to consider those products not ineligible for customisation, but can still have a monogram added. How would this experience differ from that of the one within the Horizn ID? Do we need to build a separate monogram UX for specific products? Can all products be part of the ID tool just with limited options? Or can we keep the current experience?

User flow for adding a monogram

For the initial release, we decided to keep the existing UX for adding a monogram, as well as adding the option within the customisation tool. Something we would monitor during the rollout.

Our MVP was released in early 2020.

Horizn ID — Desktop customisation UI

All work featured on this page was designed by me, whilst working full time at Horizn Studios. These are just a select number of projects that I worked on. If you would like to see more, please get in touch.