Don’t throw those bloody spears at me

Woah, it’s August. The last month has flown by; we travelled back to the UK for Glastonbury, moved into a new apartment, went all the way to Bielefeld just to watch Norwich City in a pre-season friendly, entertained Emma’s mum & dad for 5 days in Berlin and started to plan a trip to Japan.

Is it too late to write a post about Glastonbury? I feel the moment might have passed. I’ll see how I feel this weekend, I might write a post of who I saw.

What have I been listening to? Well, a whole host of stuff to be honest. Steve Lamacq has this feature on 6Music where he randomly selects a letter and a number, R-31 for example, then his listeners will write in with what their 31st album beginning with ‘R’ is in their collection. You get me? Well, we’ve adopted this approach whilst listening to music at home. Emma selects one – we listen to that album, I select one – we listen to that album. As well as the new stuff, I find this method of selecting what you listen to a good way to get through your collection.

Heathen Chemistry by Oasis was selected, First Impressions of EarthThe Strokes, Ian Brown‘s Unfinished Monkey Business and the great Coles Corner by Richard Hawley were among some of the albums I’ve had on using this method. Of course, there has been a lot of stuff selected which I haven’t listened to in years; Night On Fire by VHS or Beta, being one of them. Thankfully we’ve managed to dodge all the Christmas themed albums so far.

What about new stuff then?
I’ve been enjoying the new Broken Social Scene album, Hug of Thunder – Their first in seven years! Wasn’t really expecting much from it to be honest, but it definitely made an impression on me. Would highly recommend it. I’m still not too sure what to make of the new Public Service Broadcasting album, Every Valley. Their 3rd release, this time telling the story of the Welsh coal mining industry, includes some pretty good singles. I’m just waiting for the album as a whole to click with me.

Moonshine Freeze by This is the Kit is also another new album I would recommend. Some decent stuff on there. I’m sure if you listen to 6Music, you’d know. One more new-ish release to mention, Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverThe French Press EP. Woah, that was a mouth full. A band I know nothing about, but this EP is really good. Looking forward to a full length album at some point.

As well as music, we do actually watch things too. Now, I’m not really one for torrenting the latest new box set, nor am I that guy who watches everything on Kodi or finding a stream so I can watch the Tennis. When these things don’t work, I get frustrated. I’ll happily pay, or wait for them to be on some sort of streaming service.

Peaky Blinders – Series 3
We managed the whole lot in just a few days, partly down to summer thunderstorms in Berlin. When this was aired in the UK, we were only just working our way through the 2nd series, so we’ve waited for this for quite a while. Another great series. I’m not sure how best to describe it, but I love how this show looks. The set design, the costumes, the time frame in which the story is set coupled with the amount of contemporary music, I think it works really well.

The Trip To Spain
If you enjoy two middle-aged men, driving around eating at different restaurants whilst critiquing each others Mick Jagger impression, then you’ll love this. The first series was great, The Trip to Italy was great and I very much enjoyed this series too.