52.515º N, 1.742º E

Let me tell you about where I grew up; Corton, a small village on the east coast of England, 2 miles north of Lowestoft — or as I always tell people when they ask "Erm, close to Norwich... about 2 hours East of London".

Nothing much goes on in this sleepy pocket of the U.K.

The village itself is made up of 1 pub; the other one closed down a few years back, about 4-holiday resorts, 1 local shop - which is basically a spare room out the back of the pub. There's a Chinese takeaway, a bowls lawn, a Primary school, a village hall and 2 churches. Oh, and a nudist beach.

During my stay there over the summer, I spent a few evenings out with my drone capturing footage. Aerial photography is something I've been interested in for a long time, and what better place to hone your skills than a quiet Suffolk village.

Within seconds of taking it up, a disgruntled local yelled "Is that you droning?", whilst leaning over his garden fence. "I usually shoot those things down!". Yeah, of course you do, mate. "Is that a threat? If so, I'll put a brick through your window and then we'll be even.", was my reply.

Yes, I understand that some people might not be too keen on an alien object flying above their property with a camera pointing down, but what do they think I'm really going to do? The guy who apparently opens fire at drone pilots knows me! I went to school with his daughter. He can also see me standing in a field, 30ft away from his property.

I posted this video on a Facebook group that I'm part of where its contributors, which is made up of current residents and people who've left the area, often share memories of the village from years gone by. One contributor commented, "I was not keen on drones because I thought they invade your privacy". Yes, that's right, someone wrote this on Facebook. Face-book. I don't know how powerful you think drones are, but just as an FYI, I don't think they can gather data on you, influence your political views, throw adverts in your face or suggest people you should be friends with by simply flying 100ft over your property. At least my amateur model can't.

So yeah, that's Corton. The village where I grew up.

Aerial footage of Corton, a village in Suffolk — Filmed with a DJI Mini 2